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You Want Your Health
Concerns Taken Seriously 

Make your vision of optimial health a reality so you can live your best life
Physical Health
Mental Health
Emotional Health

Let's Face it Change is Hard

Taking care of your health wasn't taught in school. You deserve to  have someone who can help you navigate this journey to becoming the healthiest version of yourself and thrive in life. Partnering with a Health Coach can help you achieve your goals you want so you can live a healthier and happier life.


You Can Establish Positive Daily Habits and Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle

This isn't just an investment in your health now, but also future you

One-on-One Support

To support you while you make these improvements throughout your journey and celebrate each milestone with you.

Personalized Approach

Your specific health needs and desired health outcomes are worked on together as a collaborative approach for success

Embrace doing things you love to do whether they are new activities or ones you loved in the past that you stopped doing.


You want to make some positive changes

As a Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach (FMCHC), I help people improve their health and wellbeing. I help people empower themselves to take their health into their own hands. Coaching is a growth promoting partnership/relationship and by using a collaborative approach, along with support and accountability, people can make the lifestyle changes they want and become the healthiest version of themselves.



Whether you want to improve:


  • Sleep

  • Relaxation

  • Exercise/Movement

  • Nutrition

  • Stress

  • Relationships

  • Energy 


Together we will co-create a plan that inspires you on a path of better health.


As you know motivation isn't easy to come by when you want to create change. It can feel overwhelming, scary, and lonely. It doesn't have to be that way. I am here with you. Together, we can create a plan, build momentum and succeed in change.

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Having a health coach helped me to prioritize my health concerns. Having a coach forced me to summarize and verbalize my health issues making me more accountable.

Katrina obviously brought knowledge over a variety of health topics to our sessions. I feel her greatest asset, however, was her ability to truly listen and read between the lines when I spoke to her about truly private issues. I knew she heard me because the articles she sent me were spot-on with what I needed. 

I'm continuing to have positive results in stress management. Katrina exceeded my expectations and it was refreshing to talk to a health coach who was sincere and caring. 

-  Susan

Katrina was a great health coach, always remaining positive and encouraging me to do so as well.


She helped me remain committed to the elimination diet and added a layer of accountability.


By going through this process I did notice a reduction in symptoms. She assisted with goal setting and highlighted some areas I may face challenges along the way, and I now  believe it’s possible to make change. It was so wonderful to work with her!

-  Jennifer

Taking Action Is The First Step To Making Change

1. Book a free consultation

Time to meet and discuss your health goals

2. Create your specific health goals

Together we will create a plan achieve your desired results

3. Start seeing results

Notice your efforts paying off and you begin to trust yourself more


I was referred to Katrina at a time when I was feeling emotional, exhausted, and overwhelmed. I was on maternity leave, adjusting to becoming a mother of two and had just been accepted into a two-year degree program of my dreams. I should have been celebrating, but instead all I did was worry. I thought, if I am struggling to manage life now, how will I be able to juggle school on top of everything? I felt hopeless, scared and in need of support. I was ready to change my life, but unsure how. After talking to my family doctor about my concerns, she asked me if I had ever considered a health coach. I had not, but I was willing to learn more. That day I was introduced to a lovely support tool that I had not realized existed.

Katrina helped me get to know myself when I thought I already did. I had no idea at our first session, how instrumental her support would be to my growth as a mother, and success as a student. Katrina helped me realize that all the resources I needed were within myself. She helped me start from scratch, and identify the source of the problem and together, we structured a plan based on my needs, goals, and ambitions. With Katrina’s help I was finally able to achieve and maintain the healthy, and calm life balance that I was so desperately seeking.

My friends and family were first to notice the gradual change in me, developing a confidence in myself that I never had before. Investing in myself was the most important decision of my life, I just needed to know where to start. I have grown so much. Katrina, you have helped me balance my lifestyle and I am now at a place I never imagined possible. You are such a lovely support, and I am so grateful for your guidance.




Yoga in Nature

What if you could extend your
vitality and mobility? 

Implementing health goals alone can leave you feeling isolated and overwhelmed. With health coaching, I will be by your side while you begin this wellness journey creating new habits and behaviours to live the healthy lifestyle you desire.

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    At Positive Route to Wellness, I will provide nurturing support, goal setting, wellness expertise, and accountability to help you make and sustain real lifestyle changes - no matter how big, small or difficult. When it comes to change, there is a gap between what you know you need to do to be healthy and the motivation you need to make and sustain those changes. Together, we can bridge that gap. Here's how we do it: 1. Book a discovery call 2. Create your specific health goals 3. Start seeing results So, book a free discovery call today and in the meantime, watch "How to become the CEO of your Health".
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